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Erstes Symposium der Bulgarischen Dostojewskij-Gesellschaft

23. - 26. Oktober 2018,  Sofia (Bulgarien)



We are pleased to announce the First Symposium of the Bulgarian Dostoevsky Society to be held in Sofia,
October 23-26, 2018.

The Symposium will be organized in collaboration with:
Institute of Literature of Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
National museum of Literature (Sofia)
Museum of Christian Art (Sofia)
Gorky Institute of World Literature (Moscow)
State Museum of History of Russian Literature (Moscow)
Research Center of Vjacheslav Ivanov (Romе)
Society of Akira Kurosawa (Japan)

The title of the Symposium is:
The Anthropology of Dostoevsky

The symposium is aiming to focus on the following topics:
- The anthropology of Dostoevsky in reference to the philosophical anthropology and to the European culture of XX century;
- The anthropology of Dostoevsky and the Russian religious-philosophical thinking and culture of XX century
- The problem of man in the novel “Idiot” (on occasion of the 150th anniversary of the publication of the novel)

The invitation is addressed to specialists from various fields of knowledge and research such as philosophers, specialists in literary studies, linguists, theologists, psychologists, psychoanalysts, etc.

The official languages of the symposium are Russian, English and Bulgarian.

Weitere Informationen finden Sie hier:
Einladung (Russisch/Englisch)
Programm (Russisch)